Focused On Helping People Overcome Legal Challenges And Achieve Their Goals

If you have a legal problem, you need reliable information and clear, practical guidance. You need to know your risks, your options, and how each pivotal decision that you make may affect both the legal steps required and the outcomes.

I am Daniel M. (Dan) Hanifin, a West Chester, Pennsylvania-based lawyer with a decade of wide-ranging experience helping people solve legal problems and resolve tough, financially significant disputes throughout the Philadelphia metro area. I collaborate closely with each client — because the better I know you and your personal concerns, the better equipped I am to offer innovative approaches and solutions aligned with your Goals.

Strategic Representation In Family Law, Criminal Matters And Civil Disputes

I counsel and represent men and women facing:

  • Family law issues, such as divorce at any level of conflict or complexity, as well as the spectrum of child custody disputes, adoptions, prenuptial agreements, domestic violence allegations and much more.
  • Criminal charges, including DUI charges, drug charges and other misdemeanor, felony and juvenile offenses.

Clients turn to my firm for genuinely engaged, dedicated representation.

My substantial trial experience and my strong background in business, finance and insurance are key assets in other matters of civil litigation. Business owners and stakeholders receive thorough, adept analysis of their legal options when they must pursue high-value commercial collections or address a contractual dispute. In fact, numerous Delaware County businesses benefit from my ongoing counsel whenever legal concerns arise.

Work Directly And Collaboratively With A Knowledgeable Lawyer

Whatever your specific legal concerns, nothing is more important than being able to talk openly with your attorney and trust the guidance you receive. Together, we will do everything possible to find the optimal strategies for your case, and I will stay responsive and committed to protecting your interests all the way through resolution. For a consultation directly with me, call the Law Offices of Daniel M. Hanifin at 610-400-8830 or send an email inquiry now.