Receive Focused, Results-Driven Representation In Your Drug Case

Many good, productive people use illegal drugs occasionally, and some develop dependency problems that are extremely tough to overcome. A high percentage of Pennsylvania high-schoolers and college students try marijuana, for example, and some get caught by law enforcement, putting their clean records and future prospects on the line.

These are basic realities of life in the Philadelphia metro area and across our nation - but the consequences of any drug conviction can be devastating and far-reaching. Whether you know you made a mistake or believe that you are wrongfully accused of a drug crime, the best step is to get a qualified criminal defense lawyer involved as soon as possible.

Let's Work Together To Identify The Best Strategies

I am Dan Hanifin, an experienced drug crimes defense attorney based in West Chester who will do everything possible to help you, without judging or lecturing you. This is true regardless of whether you are a first-time or repeat offender, a college student or an executive. You can count on it whether you are charged with marijuana possession, a drug-related DUI, or a felony drug offense involving cocaine or illegally obtained prescription medications like oxycodone.

My approach to drug cases - alleging possession, sale, intent to distribute, cultivation or any other serious offense - is centered on:

  • Explaining the exact charge against you, all possible direct penalties, and the many ways a drug conviction could limit opportunities and hold you back
  • Thoroughly investigating the circumstances of your arrest and analyzing all evidence against you, with specific attention to factors such as whether an unlawful search and seizure occurred or whether you have been "overcharged"
  • Providing honest insight into whether taking your case to trial could result in an acquittal - or whether negotiating with the prosecutor is our best path to obtaining an outcome you can manage
  • The potential availability of drug court and drug treatment programs, based on the circumstances of your unique case

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When you contact me at the Law Offices of Daniel M. Hanifin about your drug possession charge or any other legal problem, I will take your call personally or return your message at my first opportunity. I work exceptionally well with juveniles, parents and others who are focused on getting treatment if needed and clearing the way for a successful life.