Meet With A Lawyer Who Knows The Juvenile Justice System

Young people today must find their way in a complex, fast-paced society that presents all kinds of temptations, pressures and ways to get in trouble with law enforcement. Although unlawful acts committed in Pennsylvania by citizens under age 18 are technically classified as "delinquent acts" rather than juvenile crimes, it is critical to take any offense seriously.

Focused, Determined Advocacy For Young People In Trouble

I am Dan Hanifin, a caring, practical juvenile defense lawyer based in West Chester who will prioritize your child's case and future well-being. You can count on me to empathize with your concerns and appreciate any young person's good qualities and potential. Key considerations for you may include:

  • Pennsylvania's juvenile justice system is fundamentally different from the criminal court system in its language, processes and emphasis on rehabilitation. I will take the time to walk you through exactly what you are up against and every option available for avoiding or managing harsh consequences.
  • My experience covers a broad spectrum of juvenile offenses ranging from underage drinking and DUI to drug possession, shoplifting, vandalism, trespassing and more.
  • Depending on the exact circumstances of the case at hand, any prior offenses and a range of other factors, you may not have to go to court. Reporting to the assigned probation officer early in the process, with a fully prepared lawyer's guidance, can be instrumental for showing good faith and exerting control over the outcome.

"Dan worked with juvenile, detectives and DA to mitigate consequences. I cannot be more pleased with [the] results." - an excerpt from a review posted on the website AVVO by an appreciative juvenile defense client

Let's Collaborate To Find The Best Defense Approach For Your Juvenile Case

This is a pivotal time, and you know that. The best step you can take is to speak with an attorney who will help you assess what matters most to your child and make informed, confident decisions. Your call to me at the Law Offices of Daniel M. Hanifin can lead directly to a solid plan and, ultimately, to the ability to put this rough chapter in your child's life behind you. For a consultation, call 610-400-8830 or send me an email anytime.