Protecting Your Driver's License After DUI And Other Violations

For those in West Chester and the surrounding Pennsylvania communities, losing your driver's license due to drunk driving charges (DUI), the accumulation of various traffic violations and tickets or due to other issues is simply not a viable option.

You need to drive to get to work; you need to drive to pick up your kids; if you are behind the wheel for your job, you need your license so you can get a paycheck. I am attorney Dan Hanifin, and I understand that you need to be able to get behind the wheel. As your lawyer, I can help you file an appeal and take necessary steps toward restoring your driver's license.

Has Your Pennsylvania Driver's License Been Suspended? Let Me Step In And Help.

When it comes to traffic violations and the potential suspension of your driver's license, it's imperative to act as quickly as possible. Whether your potential suspension is temporary, long-term or indefinite, if you do nothing, you will be stuck without a license.

If you have been charged with any of the following, you're likely facing a license suspension:

When you hire me as your attorney, I will take immediate action and review the circumstances that led to your suspension, evaluate your options for appealing the suspension and make sure you meet deadlines. With a plan in place, I will use my experience and resources to overturn convictions, and pursue diversionary programs or accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) programs when possible.

Let's Work Together And Get You Back On The Road As Soon As Possible

To schedule a consultation with me, attorney Dan Hanifin, call 610-400-8830 or send an email by filling out a contact form. I make a point of being accessible to my clients. When you call, I will be the one you talk to. When we meet, I'll be there to shake your hand and listen to your side of what happened.