Get The Personally Attentive, Action-Oriented Traffic Defense You Need

Thousands of traffic tickets are issued every month by officers patrolling the roadways of Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania. Many are simply expensive nuisances, but every driver should understand the potential overall impact and long-term costs before pleading guilty by paying the fine.

Are you facing a serious criminal charge such as driving under the influence (DUI) or a high-point summary offense such as reckless driving or failing to stop for a school bus with lights flashing? Did the police officer or patrolman stop you without cause and wrongfully issue a citation for a traffic violation? Perhaps you know you made a mistake, but want to do all you can to protect your record and driver's license.

Taking On The Full Range Of Traffic Violations

In these and many other situations, it is worth it to get in touch with me, experienced defense lawyer Dan Hanifin. I will analyze the exact offense and circumstances, your record, and every option for clearing you of the ticket or minimizing consequences. Whether you live in the Philadelphia metro area or were ticketed while traveling through or visiting, we can work together efficiently and cost-effectively to deal with one or more offenses such as:

  • DUI at any level of severity, from a basic first offense to a second or third DUI with blood alcohol concentration tests (BAC) showing you were well over the legal limit
  • Fundamentally serious traffic charges such as reckless driving, driving with a revoked or suspended driver's license, or fleeing an officer, which can bring jail time under some circumstances
  • Tickets for speeding, disobeying a traffic signal or another moving violation - especially if you depend on your commercial driver's license (CDL) or standard license for your livelihood

Get Straight Answers And The Information You Need To Make A Sound Decision

Please do not pay the fine and risk serious regret later on. To talk through viable options with an attorney for avoiding driver's license suspension or obtaining a limited license and keeping your auto insurance rates manageable, call me now at the Law Offices of Daniel M. Hanifin in West Chester. Call 610-400-8830 or complete my online contact form. I will take your call directly or return your message within 24 hours.