Child Custody Counsel Aligned With Your Goals As A Parent

Divorce is extremely difficult at any age, under any circumstances. When children are involved, the emotional stakes go up significantly. As a devoted father myself, I understand just how crucial the question "What will happen with our kids?" may be for you right now.

Let's Target The Best Outcomes For You And Your Children

Deciding what child custody arrangement will be best for your family - and workable for you, financially and otherwise - is an important step. If you and your spouse have different visions of where your children will live or how you will share parenting time, you also need a clear approach and strategy for seeking resolution.

I am attorney Dan Hanifin, and I am here to help you sort through all the complexities of your divorce or your custody dispute outside of divorce. Based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, I serve family law clients across the west Philadelphia metro area. I am prepared to assist you by:

  • Explaining legal custody, physical custody, shared custody, and other terms and options in clear language
  • Taking the time to learn about your relationships with your children, overall family dynamics, financial situation and other life obligations to provide balanced, practical guidance on custody and visitation. Collaborating on a strategy for insulating your children from conflict and emotional stress while seeking a child custody agreement that does justice to your vital role in their lives.
  • Negotiating assertively and skillfully on your behalf, backed by a proven ability to build your case for trial if necessary

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My family law practice is balanced in terms of defending fathers' rights and mothers' rights. In all matters of child custody and visitation, I prioritize helping parents make sound, confident decisions and earning results that minimize the likelihood of conflict and regrets in the future.
If you are looking for a lawyer who you can talk to openly and trust in this pivotal time, please call the Law Offices of Daniel M. Hanifin and set up a consultation with me.