Know And Protect Your Rights Regarding Child Support

Are you facing divorce in West Chester, Pennsylvania, or any surrounding community? If so, now is the time to start planning for your financial stability and well-being — and you can turn to me, attorney Dan Hanifin, for the prompt, individual attention and practical guidance you need.

I have years of experience handling a wide variety of divorce and other family matters. By taking a personal, hands-on approach, I can help you make sense of your options and protect what's most important to you.

Preparation Is Essential To Protect Your Child's Financial Well-Being

Depending on your unique personal circumstances, you may be justifiably concerned about child support. You may be wondering how much you will be asked to pay or how much you can expect to receive if you are going to be taking care of your child a majority of the time.

Whether you expect to pay or receive support, it is critical to understand the laws and guidelines that apply. Together, we can talk through all aspects of your case and develop a cohesive strategy for protecting your financial interests.

Although Pennsylvania child support is guideline-based, the order in your case can vary based on many factors, ranging from your specific custody and parenting time arrangements to children's necessary expenses and more.

Turn To An Adept Negotiator And Experienced Trial Lawyer

Simply stated, the decisions you make now will affect your life for years to come. Whether you are optimistic about reaching agreement on child support issues through negotiation or know you have serious disputes to resolve, preparation is critical. I will put my strong legal experience and financial background to work for you.

Dan Hanifin's performance as my divorce lawyer was superb! He kept in touch, was always available... and had an honest attitude to the laws of divorce." — an excerpt from a review posted by a past family law client on the website AVVO

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