Spousal Support (Alimony): Helping You Understand Your Options And The Financial Implications

In Pennsylvania, there are a few types of alimony to consider: spousal support (money paid after you and your spouse separate but before the divorce is final); pendente lite alimony (temporary support made after the divorce is filed but before the divorce decree is finalized); and alimony payments that are made once the final divorce decree is finalized.

I am Dan Hanifin and at my firm in West Chester, the Law Offices of Daniel M. Hanifin, I want to help you understand your options when navigating divorce, including alimony and other spousal support matters.

What Goes Into Determining Alimony?

The circumstances of divorce are as different as the individuals and couples involved. As your lawyer, I will work closely with you, help you understand your options and make sure you are treated fairly — whether you stand to receive payments or will be required to make payments.

Below are some important factors that can play into the amount of support as well as the duration of the support:

  • Standard of living maintained during the marriage
  • The income and earning potential of both spouses
  • The age and health of both spouses
  • The length of the marriage
  • Marital assets, sources of income, benefits such as retirement accounts and insurance
  • Debts stemming from the marriage
  • The financial needs of both spouses going forward
  • Each spouse's education as well as the amount of education or training that would be needed for the spouse receiving alimony to find sustainable employment
  • Tax implications of divorce

As mentioned, the duration of alimony payments can vary depending on the circumstances. There may be a specific, court-specified end date or payments may be made indefinitely.

The following occurrences can put an automatic end to alimony payments:

  • The spouse receiving payments dies
  • The spouse paying dies
  • The spouse receiving alimony remarries
  • The spouse receiving alimony starts living with someone of the opposite sex who is not a family member

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