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How much does a Pennsylvania DUI affect auto insurance rates?

As someone who has had the unfortunate experience of having authorities pull you over and question whether you had been drinking, you may have valid concerns about how the penalties you potentially face, if convicted, may impact your life. The criminal penalties associated with a driving under the influence conviction in Pennsylvania are substantial, and you may wind up spending time behind bars and shelling out considerable money on fines, among other possible repercussions.

While these penalties can make it decidedly more difficult for you to get a job, hold down that job and otherwise manage your day-to-day life, a Pennsylvania DUI can also have a significant impact on your auto insurance rates moving forward. So, what type of auto insurance increase might you face in the wake of a DUI conviction?

How a DUI can affect auto insurance

According to, nationally, a DUI conviction can cause your auto insurance rates to rise somewhere between 28 and 371 percent, depending on certain factors, such as geography and the type of insurance policy you currently hold. So, how much of an auto insurance rate hike might you expect following a Pennsylvania drinking and driving conviction, specifically?

On average, the typical Pennsylvania motorist pays about $1,438 annually for auto insurance. Following a DUI conviction, however, that figure grows to an average of $2,192, which equates to about $754 per year and a substantial 52-percent increase over the standard rate. While this increase can prove difficult to manage, in some cases, your auto insurer may decide not to raise your rates at all in the wake of a DUI, instead opting to drop you from coverage entirely.

In summary, a DUI can have a sizable and negative impact on many areas of your life, and it can also lead to a long-term hike in your auto insurance rates. Because a DUI can make it more difficult to find and retain gainful employment, you may find it even more difficult to come up with the extra money needed to cover your insurance after a conviction.

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