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How a conviction can affect your child's college career

College can be an exciting time filled with new responsibilities as well as new freedoms. Unfortunately, sometimes those freedoms can lead to circumstances in which your college student faces criminal charges. Underage drinking is one quite common way that college students come into contact with the criminal justice system, as is driving under the influence.

Calculating the cost of DUI

The rate of alcohol-related crashes has gone down in the state of Pennsylvania in recent years. Although there were over 11,000 crashes that occurred as a result of a driver being under the influence of alcohol in 2011, that number dropped to 10,558 by 2015. 

Will a DUI affect your child’s college admission hopes?

Let us say your son Scott is at the point of considering colleges. His grades are good, and a scholarship might be available. Like many parents, however, you have concerns that one move may interfere with the best-conceived college plans. In Scott’s case, the concern is that a mark on his driving record may make enrollment difficult, if not impossible.


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